Recipe number 9764 is

Cabbage Roll Casserole

The ingredients are:
1 lb Hamburger 1 tbsp Oil 1 Onion, sliced thin 1/8 tsp Pepper 1/2 cup Rice, uncooked, converted, 1 can Tomato soup, 10 oz 1 can -Water 3 cup Cabbage, shredded

The recipe yield is:
4 Servings

Fat grams per serving: Approx. Cook Time: 1:00 Preheat oven to 325F. In large frypan, brown meat in oil for few minutes. add onion, salt and pepper. Drain. Add rice, mix well. Add soup and water. Put cabbage in baking dish, pour rest over it and do NOT stir. Bake in 325F oven for 1 hour, uncovered.

Casseroles; Meats

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