Recipe number 9731 is

Cabbage A La Shanghai

The ingredients are:
10 cup Shredded cabbage 1 each Onion shredded 1 cup Shredded green pepper 1/3 cup Canned pimento (chopped) 1 tsp Salt 4 tbsp White vinegar 4 tbsp Sugar Oil for frying

The recipe yield is:
3 Servings

in 10 quart pan or Chinese wok, heat 2-3 Tbs oil, spinkle 1/4 tsp salt and stir fry green pepper for 1-2 minutes. Remove from pan and save. Add 3 Tbsp oil, sprinkle 3/4 tsp salt and add cabbage and onions and stir fry for 3 minutes. Add green peppers and pimento and stir fry for 1 additional minute. Add vinegar and sugar (which has been mixed earlier) and stir very well. Let cool and put in bowl with tightly fitting cover. Store in refregerator. Cabbage a la Shanghai

Vegetables; China; Update

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