Recipe number 9666 is

Butterscotch Pie

The ingredients are:
1 cup Brown sugar 1/4 cup Water 1/4 cup Butter 3 Egg, well beaten 2 cup Milk 3 tbsp Flour 1 tsp Vanilla *pie pastry, baked whipped cream

The recipe yield is:
1 servings

DIRECTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ Cook the sugar and water until it will spin a thread. Add butter, beat the eggs and stir in the flour which has been mixed with 1/2 cup of the milk. Add balance of the milk and vanilla. Pour into the hot syrup and cook until mixture is thick. Pour into a baked pie shell and set aside to cool. When ready to serve, cover with whipped cream. Source: Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book - Fine Old Recipes, Culinary Arts Press, 1936. Converted by MMCONV vers. 1.20

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