Recipe number 71298 is

Zucchini Tabbouleh

The ingredients are:
5 small Zucchini, cut in small diced very small 2 cup Minced parsley leaves 4 Scallion, minced 1/4 cup Fresh mint, minced 1/2 cup Lettuce leaves, minced 1/4 tsp Salt 1/4 cup Lemon juice 3/4 cup Olive oil 1 Cl Garlic, minced

The recipe yield is:
8 Servings

Recipe by: The Daily Breeze Food Section, July 1, 1991 Combine all ingredients, mixing well. Refrigerate before serving. Makes 8 servings. Posted on Genie C02 T25 M251 by M.CARMAIN1 on 04/25/94, NF format


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