Recipe number 68871 is

Venison Chili Ala Fred

The ingredients are:
1 lb Venson [ground] 1/2 cup Onions [chopped] 1/2 tsp Salt 1/4 tsp Pepper 4 cup Tomatoes [canned & chopped] 3/4 cup Catsup 1 can (15« oz) kidney beans

The recipe yield is:
4 Servings

1) Combine the venison, onions, salt and pepper, and brown in a skillet, stirring `til crumbley... 2) Add the remaining ingredients, and simmer for 45 min or `til it is of the desired consistancy... Source: Cyndie Steria... Carthage NY in "Bill Saiff's Rod & Reel Recipes for Hookin' & Cookin'" cookbook typed for you with permission by Fred Goslin on CYBEREALM Bbs. in Watertown NY, home of KOOKNET at (315) 786-1120

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