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Turkey, Microwaved1

The ingredients are:
-----INGREDIENTS----- - (turkey size) 1 12-14 defrosted turkey 1 Large Oven Roasting Bag 1 Recipe Turkey Basting Agent (see index)

The recipe yield is:
10 servings

TURKEY COOKED IN THE MICROWAVE REMAINS TASTY LONGER THEN OVEN First stuff the turkey with your favorite stuffing mix. Then paint the turkey with the prepared turkey basting agent (see index). Gently place the stuffed and painted bird in the flour dusted roasting bag and place into a glass microwave roasting pan. Enter the weight of the turkey on your microwave computer. For example, a 12 lb, 8 oz bird will cook in the microwave oven 115-121 minutes at 70% power. Standing time will be 57-60 minutes. Dividing the time into fourths, the bird will cook at 70% power for about 29 minutes on its breast side; turn the dish and cook another 29 minutes. Now carefully turn the bird upside down (there will be a lot of juices in the bag, so be extra careful). With the bird breast side up, cook another 29 minutes at 70% power. (see part 2 for more) Deidre Anne Penrod, Prodigy Food & Wine Board

Poultry; Microwave

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