Recipe number 67632 is

Turkey Sausage-Fettucine Alfredo

The ingredients are:
1 package Italian Turkey Sausage 6 cup Cooked fettucine, warm 1/2 cup Evaporated skim milk 1/2 cup Grated Parmesan cheese 3 tbsp Margarine, softened 2 tbsp Minced fresh parsley 1/2 tsp Black pepper 1 small Tomato, chopped

The recipe yield is:
6 Servings

Spray large skillet with no-stick cooking spray. Heat over medium-high heat about 30 seconds. Add lean turkey Italian sausage. Cook, uncovered, 14 to 16 min. or until lightly browned & no longer pink in center, turning occasionally. Combine fettucine with all remaining ingrediants except tomato. Toss untill fettucine is well coated. Spoon onto large platter. Top with sausages. Sprinkle with chopped tomato. Source: The Turkey Store. 25-Aug-96

Pasta; Meat; Main Dish

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