Recipe number 47984 is

Peanuts & Slivers

The ingredients are:
2 lb Peanuts, raw, shelled and Skinned, about 6 cups 6 Whole heads fresh garlic Peeled and sliced to make About 2 1/2 cups slivered Garlic. Vegetable oil for French Frying peanuts and garlic Separately Salt to taste

The recipe yield is:
1 Servings

Place peanuts in wok that has been preheated with oil to medium-high. Make sure there is enough oil in wok to cover peanuts. Stir peanuts constantly, being careful not to burn them. As peanuts begin to brown slightly, lower heat to simmer, continuing to stir, and cook until light golden brown. Drain peanuts well in wire basket and let cool. Place garlic in skillet pre-heated with 1 1/2 cups vegetable oil until it reaches medium-high. Stir garlic constantly to attain a consistent color and to prevent burning or sticking of garlic. As garlic browns slightly, reduce heat to low and continue to stir and cook until garlic is crisp and light golden brown. Drain garlick in the same manner as peanuts, breaking up any cluster. Cool. Combine peanuts and garlic and salt to taste. Store in airtight containers until ready to devour!

Garlic; Appetizers; Snacks

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