Recipe number 47951 is

Peanut Sauce #1

The ingredients are:
4 tbsp Peanut butter 3 tbsp Brewed tea 2 tbsp Chili oil 3 tbsp Light soy sauce 3 tbsp Red wine vinegar 2 tsp Sugar 2 tbsp Garlic, chopped 4 tbsp Vegetable oil

The recipe yield is:
12 Servings

Mix well and serve. (Heat the vinegar a little to disolve the sugar) NOTE: You can substitute 2 Tbsp. of sesame oil and 1 tsp. Chili paste for the Chili and vegetable oil. For less "base" taste, replace the 3 Tbsp. light soy sauce with 1 Tbsp. regular soy sauce.

Sauces; Ethnic

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