Recipe number 47174 is

Pasta With Broccoli Rabe***

The ingredients are:
- G. Granaroli XBRG76A MM:MK VMXV03A 1 large Bunch broccoli rabe, trimmed (small, green flowerettes) 4 tbsp Butter 4 tbsp Olive oil 2 Cloves garlic, chopped Salt and pepper to taste 8 oz Small tubular pasta or spaghetti Grated Italian cheese for topping

The recipe yield is:
1 Servings

Cook the broccoli rabe in lightly salted water until just tender. Drain well. Squeeze excess water out by hand. In a large frying pan, melt the butter in the olive oil and sautee garlic for 1-2 min. Coarsly chop the broccoli rabe and add it to the pan. Sautee about 5 min.Add salt and pepper to taste. (I like a lot of freshly ground pepper). Add the cooked hot pasta to the pan and toss well. Pour into serving dish and top with grated cheese. Serve hot.

Italian; Pasta; Vegetables; Mrs. G; Main Dish

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