Recipe number 47093 is

Pasta Ragout With Lobster Tails In Lemon Sauc

The ingredients are:
1 cup Pasta 1 cup Fresh Mushrooms -- halved 3/4 lb Lobster Tails 3/4 pt Cream 1/2 Lemon 1 dash Sherry Salt And Pepper Spice Salt -- (picanta) Msg -- optional Estragon Garlic Cornflour

The recipe yield is:
1 Servings

Boil the pasta according to directions. Remove and run cold water over it. Fry the mushrooms in butter, then add the cream and bring to the boil. Thicken with cornflour. Season to taste. Add the pasta and lobster tails and simmer for a few minutes. Finally, add lemon juice, a little whipped cream and a dash of sherry. Serve with a selection of wholemeal bread Recipe By : eva@RHI.HI.IS

Fish And Se; Pasta

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