Recipe number 36704 is

Layered Shrimp Dip

The ingredients are:
1 8 oz pack cream cheese Milk 1/3 Bottle chili sauce 4 Chopped green onions 1 Can broken shrimp, drained 1 small Can chopped ripe olives, Drained 1 8 oz pkg. shredded Mozzarella cheese

The recipe yield is:
1 Party

On a large dinner plate, spread cream cheese which has been thinned a little with milk. Over this spread chili sauce; then sprinkle on green onion, crumbled shrimp, olives and finish with cheese. Use tortilla chips as dippers, scooping through all layers. (Sounds to me like this one would be good served hot) From "Delicioso" typed by jessann :)

Appetizers; Seafood; Jaw

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