Recipe number 18184 is

Cornmeal Waffles With Chili Topping

The ingredients are:
3/4 cup Whole wheat flour 1/2 cup Cornmeal 1 tsp Salt 2 tsp Baking powder 1 cup Lowfat soy milk 1 tbsp Oil MMMMMCHILI TOPPING each Vegetable cooking spray 1 large Onion, chopped 1 Green pepper, chopped 1 tbsp Chili powder 2 cup Cooked pinto or kidney Beans

The recipe yield is:
4 Servings

This chili topping is also good with the Spicy Corn Pancakes. The chili topping can be made in advance and reheated once the waffles are hot. Mix flour, cornmeal, salt, and baking powder. Add soy milk and oil and stir gently until well blended. Heat waffle iron, pour in the appropriate amount of batter for your specific model, and spread to the edges of the waffle iron. Close and cook until gently browned. Serve immediately. For Chili Topping: Spray nonstick skillet with vegetable cooking spray and saute onion and pepper over medium heat for 3-4 minutes or until translucent. Add chili powder and beans and cook 5 minutes over medium heat. Pour chili topping over cornmeal waffles. Total Calories Per Serving: 332 Fat: 6 grams This article originally appeared in the March/April, 1994 issue of the _Vegetarian_Journal_, published by the Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463, Baltimore, MD 21203. From: (Bobbi Pasternak). rfvc Digest V94 Issue #204, Sept. 22, 1994. Formatted by Sue Smith, S.Smith34, using MMCONV.

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