Recipe number 18159 is

Cornmeal Chicken With Cumin Cream

The ingredients are:
3 tbsp Yellow cornmeal 1/2 tsp Salt 1/8 tsp Black pepper 4 Chicken breasts without Skin 2 tbsp Vegetable oil 1/4 cup Lowfat 1% milk 1/4 cup Evaporated skim milk 3/4 tsp Cumin powder

The recipe yield is:
4 Servings

On a piece of wax paper, combine cornmeal, salt and pepper. Dredge chicken breasts in cornmeal mixture. In a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, heat oil. Add chicken and cook until golden brown and cooked through turning once, about 4 minutes per side. Remove to a plate. Reduce heat to low. Add cream and cumin to skillet. Bring to a boil stirring and scraping up any browned bits with a sooden spoon. Boil until reduced to about 1/4 cup, about 5 minutes. Serve sauce over the chicken breasts. Recipe By : First Magazine - 8/1/94 From: Date:


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