Recipe number 18003 is

Corn Pones 2

The ingredients are:
3/8 cup Cornmeal 3/8 tsp Baking powder 1/8 tsp Salt 3/16 cup Water ormilk 1 1/4 tbsp Bacon drippings, sunflower oil or corn oil

The recipe yield is:
10 Pieces

In a mixing bowl combine cornmeal, baking powder and salt. Stir in water and 3 tablespoons of melted bacon drippings. In a large, heavy skillet or nonstick skillet, heat enough of remaining drippings to coat the pan. Drop the cornmeal batter by tablespoonfuls into the skillet. Fry pones over medium heat until browned on both sides. Serve hot. From "Spirit of The Harvest: North American Indian Cooking," bt Beverly Cox and Martin Jacobs. From: Hilde Mott Date: 01-25-95


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