Recipe number 14346 is

Chili Vinegar

The ingredients are:
MMMMMPHILLY.INQUIRER 1 cup Dried red chili peppers, 1" to 2" long,plus 3 extra Optional 4 medium Garlic cloves,peeled 5 large Rosemary sprigs,fresh 3 cup Distilled white vinegar MMMMMIRWIN E.SOLOMON

The recipe yield is:
3 Cups

Place chilies,garlic and rosemary in clean 2 qt. glass jar and crush them with a wooden spoon.Heat vinegar until,warm,then pour over herbs.Set jar on sunny windowsill for 2 weeks,or until vinegar reaches desired strength.. Strain through sieve and pour into three sterilized 1/2 jars.Add 1 chili pepper per jar if desired.Seal and label..Makes 3 cups..

Dressings; Chili; Vinegar

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