Recipe number 14295 is

Chili Powder

The ingredients are:
1 Part dried ground cayenne* 1 Part dried pasilla chile* 5 Pt dried red NM chiles 2 Parts garlic powder, Watkins 1 1/2 Parts ground cumin, Watkins 1 1/2 Parts ground oregano

The recipe yield is:
1 Servings

"This powder is so named because it is often used in chili recipes. Try it in place of the commercial blends and experiment with the proportions of the ingredients to adjust them to individual tastes." *or other red chile such as Piquin or Chile de Arbol #or other mild powder such as Ancho Combine all the ingredients together and mix well. Variations: Collect chilis of similar colors, dry them, and use them in place of the above chiles to make variously colored powders---yellow, orange, brown, and green. From The Whole Chile Pepper Book page 62 Formatted to MM by J.Duckett1 (Kat) [Unk] Posted by: Unknown [AOL] Hawk's Kitchen Kollection - 1994

Sauces; Spices; Vegetarian

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