Recipe number 12090 is

Cheeseburgers With An Attitude

The ingredients are:
2 Thick hamburger patties (pref. ground sirloin) 2 slice Blue cheese big enough to cover the patties 2 slice Sweet red onion 4 slice Bacon, cooked until crisp 2 slice Tomato (optional) Mayonnaise Salt, garlic powder, Coarse-ground pepper 2 Kaiser rolls, split

The recipe yield is:
2 Servings

Preheat your grill, and toss on the hamburger patties and onion slices. Grill until the onions are nicely browned and the patties are done to your liking (medium rare around here). Add the split kaiser rolls, cut side down, a few minutes before the burgers are done, to allow the rolls to toast slightly. When you put the rolls on the grill, also place the blue cheese slices on top of the hamburger patties. Spread toasted rolls lightly with mayonnaise, top with the patties, bacon slices, grilled onions, a tomato slice. Cover with the top of the remaining half of the rolls, and chow down. Kathy in Bryan, TX

Groundmeat; Beef; Cheeses

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