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Wonton Soup #1

Wonton Soup #2

Wonton Soup Or Fried Wonton


Wontons #2

Woo Dip Har - Butterfly Prawns

Woodcock Legs Sauteed In Garlic Butter

Woodcutter's Omelet

Woodie's Homestyle Chili

Woodlands Benedict

Woodruff Special

Woods Hole Seafood Strudel

Woodsy Mushroom Goulash

Worcester Broiled Halibut Steaks

Worcester Hash

Worcestershire Butter & Topping For Vegetable

Worcestershire Butter Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce-Home Made & Recipe For W

Worchestershire Sauce - The Orginal Recipe

Working Girl's Casserole

Working Person's Crockpot Country Pork Dinner

Working With Saffron

Working Woman's Chicken & Rice

Working Woman's Chicken And Rice

World Champion Bbq Ribs

World Championship Barbequed Ribs

World Championship Chili

World Guide To Vegetarianism

World Series Dip

World's Best Bean Soup

World's Best Bean Soup Mix

World's Best Carrot Cake

World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

World's Best Fajitas Marinade

World's Best Low-Fat Low-Cal Lasagna

World's Finest Health Cookie

World's Hottest Wings

World's Second Health Cookie

Worm Burgers

Worms Au Gratin

Wormy Baked Apples

Worried Fried Green Tomatoes

Worth Waiting For Baked Beans


Woven Rye-And-Pumpernickel Bread - Country Living


Wowie Cake

Wrapped Corn Dogs

Wrapping Skin For Egg Rolls & Won Tons

Wreath Bread

Wreath Cookies

Wreath Of Rice

Wu's Beef #1

Wu's Beef B1


Ww Apple & Cheddar Corn Muffins

Ww Apple Muffins (No Fat)

Ww Apple-Orange Spice Muffins

Ww Carrot Muffins (No Fat)

Ww Chinese-Style Chicken

Ww Cinnamon Rolls

Ww Dry Cream Soup Mix

Ww Exchanges- Burger King

Ww Exchanges-Dairy Queen

Ww Exchanges-Little Caesars

Ww Exchanges-Pizza Hut

Ww I Ration War Cake - No Eggs, Butter Or Milk

Ww I Ration War Cake - No Eggs~ Butter Or Mil

Ww Oriental Chicken

Ww Pumpkin Muffins (No Fat)

Ww Spicy Turkey Chili

Ww Strawberry Pie

Ww Turkey Chili



Ww-Exchanges-Taco Bell


Ww-Mcdonalds Exchanges-Page 1 Of 2

Ww-Mcdonalds Exchanges-Page 2 Of 2

Wwm's Lightened Cocoa Applesauce Cake

Wyoming Polish Sausage, Salami And Smoked Venison

Wyoming Sheepherder Chili

X's Spinach Salad

X-Uidl: 5de472d2894785b9eef327017f5da0fe

Xiao Long Tang Bao*

Xim-Xim De Galinha (Chicken W/Peanuts & Cashe

Xmas Bread Pudding-Revised

Xnipec Salsa

Xoi Thap Cam (Sweet Rice With Meat~ Shrimp~ A

Xxxx-Hot Carribbean Habanero Hot Sauce

Ya Gotta Empanada

Ya Ya's Baklava

Yaam Pla Dook (Crispy Fried Catfish)

Yahni Me Koukia (Meat Stew With Broad Beans)

Yakatori Sauce

Yaki Udon (Figi)

Yakimandu Dipping Sauce



Yakitori (Broiled Chicken~ Scallions & Chic

Yakitori (Broiled Chicken~ Scallions & Chicke

Yakitori Glaze

Yalanchi Sarma (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Yalanchi Sarna (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Yalantzi Dolmathes

Yam & Apple Casserole

Yam & Split Pea Soup With Fresh Ginger

Yam Bake A La Orange

Yam Chili (Vegan)

Yam Crackers

Yam Curry

Yam Som-O (Thai Pomelo-Chicken Salad)

Yam Talay (Seafood Salad)

Yam Thua Phu (Spicy Winged Bean Salad)

Yam Turnout

Yam Vietnam (Spicy Shrimp & Pork Salad)

Yam Wunsen Sai Mu (Noodle Soup W/Pork)

Yams & Bbq Sauce

Yams For Health

Yan Jian Rou (Chili Pork)

Yang Chow Eggplant In Hot Spicy Garlic Sauce

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Yang Chow Fried Rice B1

Yangtze Chicken

Yangzhou Fried Rice With Shrimp (Serves 3-4)

Yankee Apple Cake

Yankee Brisket Pulled Barbeque

Yankee Cheddar Enchilada Casserole

Yankee Doodles' Macaroni With Goat Cheese

Yankee Fiddlehead Pie (Or Quiche)

Yankee Johnnycake

Yankee Lamb Stew

Yankee Maple Corn Muffins

Yankee Pheasants Jubilee

Yankee Pot Roast

Yapple Pudding ?? (Vegan)

Yard-Long Beans & Water Chestnuts


Yassa Au Poulet (Marinated & Grilled Chicke

Yataklete Kilkil (Spiced Vegetables)

Yavapai Sunflower Bread

Year Of The Dragon Beef

Year Round Salad

Yeast Doughnuts

Yeast Drop Rolls

Yeast Ferment

Yeast Free Chili Con Carne

Yeast Pasty Dough

Yeast Rolls - Mandryky

Yeast Tart From Vully (Fribourg)

Yeasted Maple Walnut Pancakes

Yeastless Rye Bread

Yeasty Sourdough Starter

Yee Main (Noodles & Gravy)

Yeh Szu Nuo Mi Ch'iu (Glutinous Rice Balls Wi

Yellow & Red Bell Peppers Filled With Tuna

Yellow & Red Bell Peppers Filled With Tuna &

Yellow & White Angel Food Cake

Yellow And White Angel Food Cake

Yellow Bird

Yellow Cake

Yellow Cake Mix

Yellow Cake Mix Cookies

Yellow Cornbread

Yellow Curry Chicken

Yellow Curry Paste

Yellow Curry Paste (Nam Prik Kaeng Kari)

Yellow Curry Paste (Thai)

Yellow Delicate Cake

Yellow Hell (Mango Marinade)

Yellow Hell Habanero Paste By Baloo

Yellow Layer Cake With Cherry Frosting

Yellow Mung Bean Pudding

Yellow Mung Dal Soup

Yellow Pea Broth With Tomatoes

Yellow Pea Soup

Yellow Pepper Soup

Yellow Rice

Yellow Sauce

Yellow Shrimp

Yellow Split Pea Soup

Yellow Split Pea Soups

Yellow Split-Pea Puree

Yellow Squash Casserole

Yellow Tomato Preserves

Yellow Tomato Sauce

Yellow Toor Daal

Yellow Watermelon Soup

Yemen Fatah (Beef)

Yemenite Charoset

Yemenite Haroset

Yemenite Helbeh (Dipping Sauce)

Yemenite Roast Chicken With Cumin

Yemiser Selatta (Lentil Salad)

Yemiser W'et (Spicy Lentil Stew)

Yemista Me Lahano (Stuffed Cabbage Leaves)

Yemistes Domates Me Avga (Stuffed Tomatoes W

Yemistes Domates Me Avga (Stuffed Tomatoes)

Yentl Lentil Salad

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