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Vanilla Pecan Brandy

Vanilla Popcorn

Vanilla Pudding

Vanilla Pudding & Pie Filling Mix

Vanilla Pudding Cake

Vanilla Pudding Mix

Vanilla Refrigerator Wafers

Vanilla Rice Pudding

Vanilla Rice Pudding (Barron)

Vanilla Sauce

Vanilla Sauce 1

Vanilla Scented Butter Sauce

Vanilla Smoked Trout

Vanilla Souffle With Flaming Grand Marnier

Vanilla Tea Cake

Vanilla Tuile And Fruit Compote

Vanilla Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Velvet Ice Cream

Vanilla Wafer Cake

Vanilla Wafer Crumb Crust

Vanilla Wafers

Vanilla Wafers # 2

Vanilla Wafers/Cooking Light

Vanilla Whipped Cream

Vanilla, Chocolate And Kahlua Chiffon Cake With Raspberry

Vanilla-Cheeese Filling For Pierogis

Vanilla-Frosted Fudge Cookies

Vanilla-Infused Oil

Vanilla-Limeade Ice Cream Pie **

Vanilla-Nutmeg Pound Cake

Vanilla-Scented Pineapple

Vanillas Kifli

Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Vanity Cakes


Varenyki(Filled Dumplings) Ukrainian

Varenyky (Filled Dumplings)

Varenyky (Filled Dumplings) (Russian)

Varenyky (Ukrainian Filled Dumplings)

Varenyky - Dessert Dumpling Filled W/Fruit Or Cheese

Vargabeles (Varga Strudel-Cake)

Variation On Beef Stew, For Second Time Around

Variations For Blue Cheese Dressing

Variations For French Dressing

Variations For Italian Dressing

Variations On Rice Krispies Marshmallow Squar

Variations On Rice Krispies Marshmallow Square

Variations On Rice Krispies Marshmallow Squares

Variations On World's Best Chocolate Chip Coo

Variations On World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Variety Coleslaw

Variety Pack Popsicles

Variety Spice Muffins

Various Fillings And Toppings

Varm Krabbsm”rg†s (Hot Crabmeat Canap‚s)

Varnished Chicken

Varnished Chicken *** Punky

Vasilopita (New Year Bread)

Vassar Fudge

Veal & Crayfish Stew

Veal & Mushroom Ragout

Veal & Sage Meat Loaf

Veal & Wild Rice Casserole

Veal A La Madelon

Veal And Spinach Ravioli Stuffing

Veal And Wild Rice Casserole

Veal Birds Paprika

Veal Breast With Herb Stuffing

Veal Chili

Veal Chili With Artichokes

Veal Chili With Beans

Veal Chop Milanese With Tomato And Basil Vinaigrette

Veal Chop With Puree Of Apple Spaetzle

Veal Chop With Puree Of Apple Spatzle

Veal Chops & Apples & Calvados

Veal Chops In Spicy Sauce

Veal Chops Italienne

Veal Chops With Anchovy & Caper Sauce

Veal Chops With Anchovy And Caper Sauce

Veal Chops With Apples & Calvados

Veal Cordon Bleu With Mushroom Sauce

Veal Cordon Blue

Veal Cutlets & Spinach With Warm Vinaigrette

Veal Cutlets Maryland

Veal Cutlets Milan Style

Veal Cutlets Parmesan

Veal Cutlets With Capers

Veal Cutlets With Cherry Sauce

Veal Cutlets~ Milan Style:::gwhp32a

Veal Dijon

Veal Farsu Magru

Veal Francaise

Veal Francese Sabatino's

Veal Francese Sabatino's+++fggt98b

Veal Fricasse With Capers & Dill

Veal Fricasse With Capers And Dill

Veal Garlic Chop

Veal Goulash

Veal Grillades

Veal Grillades & Grits

Veal In Apple-Lemon Sauce

Veal In Mustard & Dill Sauce

Veal Jambalaya

Veal Loaf

Veal Loaf (Usda)

Veal Loin Chops With Double Tomato Sauce

Veal Marsala

Veal Marsala With Provolone

Veal Navona

Veal Normande

Veal Olives

Veal Oscar

Veal Oscar #2

Veal Oscar (Cooking Light) (See Also "Bearnai

Veal Oscar With Sauce Bearnaise

Veal Oscar With Sauce Bernaise

Veal Paprika

Veal Paprika With Wine

Veal Paprikash

Veal Parmesan

Veal Parmesan With Prosciutto

Veal Parmigiana

Veal Parmigiana***

Veal Parmigiano

Veal Picatta (Pitts)

Veal Piccata

Veal Piccata Ii

Veal Piccata With Lemon & Capers

Veal Pot Roast

Veal Pot Roast (Veau Dans Le Chaudron)

Veal Ragout

Veal Ragout With Red Pepper

Veal Roast

Veal Roast Florentine

Veal Roast Florentine... Magazine *** Jo

Veal Rounds With Vegatables

Veal Rounds With Vegetables

Veal Scallopine

Veal Scallopine With Marsala

Veal Scallopini

Veal Scallops Sauteed With Spinach & Capers

Veal Scallops With Apricot-Citrus Compote *

Veal Scallops With Asparagus, Lime Sauce

Veal Scallops With Asparagus~ Lime Sauce

Veal Scaloppine & Mozzarella Rolls

Veal Scaloppine Piccata

Veal Scaloppine W/Marsala Cream Sauce

Veal Scaloppine With Avocado

Veal Scaloppine With Chianti

Veal Scaloppine With Fresh Shiitake Mushroom

Veal Scaloppine With Lemon

Veal Scaloppine With Lemon And Fennel

Veal Scaloppine With Marsala

Veal Scaloppine With Marsala Wine

Veal Scaloppine With Tomatoes & Olives

Veal Scaloppine With Tomatoes And Olives

Veal Scaloppine With Zucchini & Cream

Veal Seasoning Mix

Veal Steaks

Veal Steaks With Lemon & Curry

Veal Steaks With Lemon And Curry

Veal Steaks With Yogurt

Veal Stew

Veal Stew W/ Cherries

Veal Stew W/ Oranges~ Carrots & Mushrooms

Veal Stew With Oranges~ Carrots & Mushrooms

Veal Stifado

Veal Stock

Veal Stock - Master Chefs

Veal Stuffed Apples Sogni

Veal Stuffed Apples Sogni+++fggt98b

Veal Valdostana

Veal With Almonds & Prunes

Veal With Dumplings

Veal With Mushrooms & Marsala

Veal With Mushrooms And Marsala

Veal With Sheeps Cheese (German)

Veal-And-Crayfish Stew

Vealette's Pate

Veal~spinach & Mashed Potato Roll

Veau Dans Le Chaudron (Veal Pot Roast)

Veau Dans Le Chaudron (Veal Pot Roast) (Canad

Veg-All Casserole (M_C-Tx)

Veg-Burger Mix

Veg. Time's Vlf Vegan Pastry Crust

Vegan "Eggnog"

Vegan Almond Cheesecake

Vegan Bechamel Sauce

Vegan Cheese

Vegan Cheesecake

Vegan Chocolate Sponge Cake

Vegan Christmas Cake

Vegan Cole Slaw

Vegan Eggplant Parm Stew <t>

Vegan Fruit Cake

Vegan Fruit Cake (Eliot)

Vegan Lasagna

Vegan London Broil

Vegan Macaroni & "Cheese"

Vegan Moussaka

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